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It’s a Boat, It’s a Plane … It’s an Airboat!

Hilton Garden Inn Fort Walton Beach FL Destin Airboat Tours

Destin Airboat Tours Destin FL

Hidden right behind Fudpuckers (we swear it’s a real place) on Okaloosa Island, you might run into Captain Frank and his 24’ airboat.

With a 496 Chevy engine mounted on the aft end, Captain Frank’s airboat is one of the most unique and exciting ways to explore the Fort Walton Beach coast.

The airboat will crank up and cast off into the Santa Rosa Sound and slide into Pirate’s Cove. Since the vessel’s propulsion system is all above water and the bottom is flat, Captain Frank can maneuver into some areas that other boats dare not enter.

Before heading into the less accessible areas of the cove, the captain will shut down the engine and let the boat drift a while. If you’re lucky, you may get to see dolphins playing right around the boat.

The engine will fire back up and take off along the sandy coast of the cove. The unique airboat design allows Captain Frank to get so close to the shore you’ll want to reach out and touch it.

After slaloming through patches of grass and drifting sideways, it’s not uncommon for Captain Frank to whip the boat around into a 360-degree spin for the thrill seekers on board. (Yes, you might get wet.)

Captain Frank will slow things down around Spectre Island, where it is common to see giant bird’s nests and, if you time it right, some big birds to go with them. This is a great part of the boat tour to have a camera ready!

To get the most out of your airboat journey, the company suggests making a special arrangement to have an airboat sunset cruise for a truly sublime experience. Since the boat seats 15 people, be sure to bring all of your family and friends along for the ride.

Destin Airboat Tours is located at 1318 Miracle Strip Parkway, directly behind Fudpuckers on the Island, where you can grab a great meal before or after your tour. For more information or pricing, visit the DAT website or call (850) 461-9585.

– Logan Singleton
Writing Intern, Innisfree Hotels