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What the Fudge?

fudgery destin fl

Fudgery Destin FL

Imagine piping hot fudge at a bubbling 232° F being slowly poured out of a copper kettle onto a cool granite surface — do we have your attention yet? This might sound like a scene out of Willy Wonka, but the Fudgery in Destin is making sweets and treats from scratch every day.

The Fudgery is a dream for anyone who loves sweets. Kids and those just simply young at heart can watch the fudge makers work their magic as they fold the gooey mixture with their paddles — don’t be afraid to ask for a fresh sample!

Nancy, the General Manager, talked to us about the fudge making process at the Fudgery.

“We’re making fudge here about every 40 minutes,” she says. “It’s not uncommon for us to make up to eight bowls of fudge per day.”

The fudge is paddled until it’s cool and then sliced into familiar shapes. But the fudge isn’t the only thing that is being whipped up at the Fudgery. They have Rice Krispies Treats dipped in chocolate, chocolate dipped marshmallows and hand-dipped apples.

When the fudge is ready, the Fudgery team rings a bell to test a the Pavlovian Theory. You can ring the bell if you want, but be prepared to perform.

“If guests want to the ring the bell, you have to sing,” says Nancy. “Usually people are willing to sing. The kids have a lot of fun with it.”

One of the unique treats at Fudgery is the Fudge Chillers. These aren’t your typical milkshakes — they are filled with your choice of delicious, freshly made fudge. Try the Extraordinary Chocolate or EOC as it’s known by the locals.

Indulge at the Fudgery!

The Fudgery is located at 34 Harbor Boulevard Suite 153 E, Destin, FL. For more information, visit the Fudgery website or call (850) 687-9319.