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Go Fish!

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HarborWalk Charters Destin FL

Worried about having to stretch the truth back home when you tell tales of your angling in Fort Walton Beach? While fishing off the piers and docks can be fun, HarborWalk Charters can sail you into the briny deep and get you fighting the big fish.

For more than thirteen years, HarborWalk Charters has been the tip of the spear for offshore fishing in Fort Walton Beach. With twenty deep-sea vessels and five bay boats, HarborWalk Charters is sure to have the right fit for you and your crew.

If calmer waters closer to shore sound favorable, be sure to check out HarborWalk Charters bay fishing services. These boats are usually smaller and won’t travel too far from the white sandy coast. The bay charters are great for less experienced anglers or parties with smaller kids. Mangrove snapper and trout are among the usual suspects brought on deck during this charter.

For those with more experience or seeking a more thrilling adventure, HarborWalk’s deep sea charters will give you the edge you need to hook onto the big fish. As a general rule, deeper water means bigger fish.

Keeping that in mind, HarborWalk Charters has a range of options to fit your desires. Head out for a short four-hour trolling trip inshore to hook onto some medium sized fish. Ten hours will get you into the heavy hitters – red snapper are running in May and are a favorite to catch and eat here on the Gulf Coast.

HarborWalk Charters even offers an overnight trip for the most dedicated fishers. This overnight charter is specifically geared toward extreme deep sea fishing for marlin and tuna.

Simply not sure which charter is the best for you?

Just head down to the docks and talk to Patti, a former cobia champion here in Fort Walton Beach. Patti is the gatekeeper at HarborWalk Charters and, as an angler herself, can help you find the perfect fit for you and your crew.

HarborWalk Charters is located at 10 Harbor Boulevard in Destin FL 32541. For more information or pricing, please visit the HarborWalk Charters website or call (888) 976-4568.

– Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels