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Dangling At 400 Feet

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Just Chute Me Destin FL

When on vacation, you probably don’t expect to utter the words, “Just Chute Me.”

Unless, of course, you came to parasail.

Parasailing, for those who aren’t in the know, takes parachuting and water sports to the next level.

You’ll be strapped into the harness on the stern of the boat by one of Just Chute Me’s knowledgeable crew members. Make sure you tell the captain whether or not you want to get wet before take off. That’s right, even though you start off dry, the captain can “dip” you in the water during your airborne adventure – so wear water-friendly attire.

Feeling nervous about going up alone? Strength in numbers always applies at Just Chute Me. Let the captain know if you would like to go up with a friend. Two per ride is probably the most common, but three is a possibility in select scenarios.

Once you’re airborne, you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the Destin coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t forget to look down, because it is not uncommon to see dolphins playing right on the crystal clear surface of Destin’s emerald waters.

With 12 to 15 people allowed on the boat at a time, there’s no reason to leave anyone at the hotel. Grab the whole family first thing in the morning and have beautiful views for breakfast. Early morning is the preferred time for seasoned parasailers. The sunrise, serene breeze and mild temperature makes for the perfect environment at 400 feet.

So, someone in your group isn’t too keen on the idea of dangling mid-air? While Just Chute Me insists that parasailing isn’t something to be scared of, they do allow spectators to ride along if there is room in the boat.

Take flight for an experience like none other at Just Chute Me.

Just Chute Me is located at 500 Harbor Boulevard in Destin FL. For tickets and more information, visit the Just Chute Me website or call (850) 398-4827.

– Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels