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May Your Days Be Lazy

lazy days beach rentals fort walton beach fl

Lazy Days Beach Rentals Fort Walton Beach FL

Chair Rental Pricing:

$9/hour or $40/day plus tax

With more than 30 years of experience serving the Gulf Coast area, Lazy Days Beach Rentals is the gold standard for beach rental services in Fort Walton Beach.

Beach chairs and umbrellas can be heavy and awkward to carry to the beach. Lazy Days Beach Rentals takes the hassle out of your beach day.

Since the Lazy Days chairs and umbrellas are already set up on the beach, renting is as easy as flagging down a Lazy Days attendant.

Even though the name might not suggest it, Lazy Days is also the best spot to rent water sports equipment. Check out some of the awesome toys they have available for rent:

  • Paddleboard $20/hour
  • Two-person kayak $20/hour
  • Sailboat $65/hour
  • Boogie Board $5/hour

If a normal-sized paddleboard just isn’t cutting it, Lazy Days offers a 22-foot paddleboard for $50/hour. See how fast you and your friends can get this giant board moving!

You and your family can rest easy knowing that all Lazy Days attendants are lifeguard certified and willing to help. Even though they are not lifeguards, Lazy Days attendants have never hesitated to jump in and aid a struggling swimmer.

Ashley Curd, the manager at Lazy Days, claims that this is just part of Lazy Days’ commitment to excellent service.

“Our service is what sets us apart from other rental companies,” he says. “We’re growing every day. I manage 48 employees and I never thought we would have that many people here. Our growth and success is a result of our service.”

Let Lazy Days make your next beach trip effortless.

Lazy Days Beach Rentals is located at 1110 Santa Rosa Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach FL. For more information, visit the Lazy Days website or call (850) 698-0928.

– Logan Singleton
Junior Copywriter, Innisfree Hotels