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A Meal So Good, It’s Steaming

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Old Bay Steamer, Fort Walton Beach FL

For a dinner to remember, head to Old Bay Steamer, proudly serving Fort Walton Beach since 1995 – with a strong local following even two hurricanes couldn’t dampen.

Husband and wife team Chris Sutton and CJ Jensen have owned the Old Bay Steamer since 2002. After making their way to the Gulf Coast of Florida by way of New Orleans, they keep the good times rolling by bringing back new street art after every visit to their hometown, decorating the restaurant with it each time they return.

It’s colorful, quirky and casually awesome. Dim lighting makes it fun and easy for conversation.

Come hungry, but not for fried food. As the name implies, nothing on the menu is fried. This is the place to go for steamed seafood.

We started with the stuffed crab mushrooms then proceeded, quite naturally, to the Steamer for Two.

Steaks also come highly recommended but we figured, “We’re at the Steamer, after all.

Look at the size of this thing:

Old Bay Steamer Fort Walton Beach FL 2

It’s absolutely delicious and also deliciously messy, so be prepared to get your hands dirty.

(The restaurant supplies the bib, and a bucket for shells.)

Old Bay Steamer is very family friendly, and many of the meals are shareable – like the Family Steamer, featuring a jumbo platter of King Crab, Snow Crab, Royal Red Shrimp, Oysters, Mussels and Clams served with corn on the cob and new potatoes.

You could even share a bite with the old lady at the bar, if she weren’t made of porcelain. Story goes, one year for Chris’ birthday party, before they knew many folks in these parts, CJ bought inflatable dolls and statues to make it feel like there were more people in the room.

The old lady never left.

She stays perched at the bar, and others are posted throughout the dining room. Few employees even know the story of the old gal … they just think she is sort of creepy.

See for yourself:

Old Bay Steamer Fort Walton Beach FL 3

Jokes aside, everyone really enjoys working here. As our server shares, “It’s like one big casual family.”

Bring your family for a great meal, served by an incredibly friendly staff who take pride in their work … and your experience.

Old Bay Steamer is located at 102 Santa Rosa Boulevard in Fort Walton Beach FL. For more information, please visit the restaurant facebook page or call (850) 664-2795.