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Kick Back at The Gulf

the gulf okaloosa island fl

The Gulf Okaloosa Island FL

The Gulf is the result of the locals in Orange Beach never wanting the Hangout Music Festival to leave town. In 2016, Fort Walton Beach was the target for a brand new Gulf restaurant. With plenty of places to eat, lounge and play outside, The Gulf is your spot for lunch and dinner.

One thing you might notice is the unique architecture at The Gulf — they used bright blue Conex boxes to build it. Beneath the structure is a gift shop and a spot to order your food — you can see right inside the kitchen!  

Speaking of food, The Gulf isn’t just serving up your standard beach fare. Jessica, the General Manager, shined some light on the ingredients.

“We use all fresh and local seafood in our dishes,” she says. “We don’t even own a freezer on the property.”

Try starting your meal off with some freshly made hummus and pita chips — you are going to have to wrestle for the last pita chip. As far as the main courses are concerned, there’s a clear favorite around The Gulf.

“Our fried grouper sandwich is really popular,” says Jessica. “We make everything from scratch, so you can really taste the difference.”

When it comes to something cool to drink, the freshly squeezed lemonade comes highly recommended. They also have a seasonal lemonade if you’re looking to deviate from the classic. And for the adults in the group, the mojitos are to die for!

The Gulf is much more than a place to eat, it’s a place to come hang out and enjoy good company. Jessica said that this was the plan all along.

“We want people to be able to come and create their own experience here,” she says. “People just kick back with a book, have a drink or just come to have fun.”

How will you spend your day at The Gulf?

The Gulf is located at 1284 Marler Ave, Okaloosa Island, FL. For more information, visit The Gulf website or call (850) 387-1300.